War of Texan Independence - all our Alamo range is a "large" 25mm scale.

Recreating the heroic days of the struggle for independence of the Texan settlers against the oppression of Mexican rule under the dogmatic and evil Santa Anna, this unique, beautifully sculptured range of figures cleverly brings to life the men who took part in one of the most famous and talked about landmarks in American history.

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All figures except Officers and characters have a selection of head variants. Please do not order specific variants. All these figures can, of course be used for the whole of the war of Texan independence including the subsequent battle of San Jacinto etc. also the Texans can be used along with our WESTERN GUNFIGHTERS and certain gunfighters, namely the ones with shotgun (WG2 &WG5) may be used with the ALAMO range. By the same token a certain overlap into the AMERICAN CIVIL W AR range is feasible as some units in the war still wore buckskins and used the Kentucky long rifle. Some of the A.C.W. figures (in hats) may also be used as ALAMO defenders.

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The ALAMO'S commander, Colonel Travis is depicted, sword in hand, dashing towards the parapet. The indefatigable Davy Crockett desperately rams home his last shot while his faithful volunteers in their buckskins frantically give their last effort in a vain attempt to save the tiny garrison from the onrush of the Mexicans! This is definitely a range of figures second to none and one to fire the imagination of any wargamer or diorama builder.


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