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Christmas/New Year Deliveries

Article posted on 09/12/2020

Please note:- The Post Office were not accepting parcels to Europe before Christmas due to the blockade. Although the situation has now been resolved post to Europe will still be delayed.


Article posted on 28/10/2020

WWII 28mm British tank riders...Mortar crews...

 Sherman Firefly by Warlord Games.



Article posted on 06/04/2020

We are working normally at the moment and sending out orders. Should the situation become worse or the law change in any way we will keep you informed. Please stay safe.

N.B:- Always allow 14 days from date of your order for delivery before panic.


Article posted on 13/09/2017

25% off Samurai Armies



Article posted on 04/03/2013

     For those new to the hobby:- ALL OUR MODELS ARE CAST IN UNPAINTED WHITE METAL.


     If you are ordering by post and paying by cheque:- PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO ALDO LTD.