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In conjunction with Battle Flag, Dixon are proud to present this superb range of beautifully designed and printed flags, specially adapted to fit our extensive range of figures. Using archival quality inks and printed on museum quality papers for imaculate definition, these flags are a must for any wargames army. Flags for other ranges will be available soon.


Images are shown larger than actual size.

Code Description Price (GBP) Qty
DIX/ACW01 UNION - New Yorks Foreign Legions. Sheet contains National and Regimental Colours for the following:- 39th NYSV (Guaribaldi Guard), 55th NYSV (Lafeyette Guard), 69th NYSV (Irish Brigade), 79th NYSV (Highland Guard) and the 26th Coloured Regiment. £9.95
DIX/ACW02 CONFEDERATE - Sheet consists of:- First National Flags(2), Bonnie Blue Flag, 5th Florida, 9th Virginia, 4th North Coralina, Generic Battle Flag(4). £6.95
DIX/ACW03 CONFEDERATE - Sheet cosists of:- Second National Flag(2), Bonnie Blue Flag(2), 26th South Carolina, 22nd North Carolina, Battle Flag(4). £6.95
DIX/ACW04 CONFEDERATE - Sheet consists of:- Third National(3), Lousiana, South Carolina, 4th Missouri, Wauls Texas Legion, Cherakee Braves, 49th Georgia, 1st Virginia, 9th Virginia, Generic Battle Flag. £6.95
DIX/ACW05 CONFEDERATE - Hoods Texas Brigade - Sheet consists of:- 1st Texas(2), 4th Texas(2), 5th Texas(2), 18th Georgia, 3rd Arkansas, Hamptons Legion. £6.95
DIX/ACW06 CONFEDERATE - Bloody Lane; The Confederate Brigades of Rodes an Anderson. Sheet consists of 15 flags representing the regiments which made up the Brigades of General Rodes Alabamians and General Andersons North Carolinians. Brig- Gen. R.E. Rodes; 3rd Ala., 5th Ala., 6th Ala., 12th Ala., 26th Ala., Brig-Gen. George B anderson; 2nd N.C. 14th N.C. 4th N.C. 30th N.C. £9.95
DIX/ACW07 CONFEDERATE - The trans Mississippi department. Sheet consists of:- Battle Flag of Missouri-Large(2) Battle flag of Missouri-Small(2),Taylor Battle Flag type 1(2), Taylr Battle Flag Type 2(2), Van Dorn Battle Flag(2), Battle Flag of the NW 15th Arkensas, Quantrills Raiders. £6.95
DIX/ACW08 CONFEDERATE - The Kentucky Orphan Brigade - Consisting of:- Orphan Brigade Flag-Large(2), Orphan Brigade Flag-Small, Kenticky Battle Flag, 5th kentucky, 9th Kentucky, Morgans Men, 41st Alabama. £6.95
DIX/ACW09 CONFEDERATE - North Carolina - Consists of:- State Flags for 30th,33rd, 34th and 38th; Battle flags for 30th, 33rd, 34th, 38th and the 4th along with the Head General Grimes (4th Regiment N.C.) £6.95