The Dahomey Wars 1892 - 28mm scale.

The West African State of the kingdom of Dahomey (17th- 19th century) is now the southern part of Benin: its capital was Abomey. Founded in the early part of the 17th century, it gradually extended its dominations over most of the region. King Agaja, who in the early 18th century established a corps of women soldiers (known to the Europeans as Amazons) seized control of Allada and the coastal town of Whydah (Ouidah)and became a major supplier of slaves to European Traders. After Agajas death, Dahomey was eclipsed for a time by the neighboring Yoruba kingdom of Oyo, but its power was revived by King Gezo (reigned 1818-1858), who extended its frontiers northward. French penetratio of the coastal region began in the 1850s. The last king, Behanzin, tried to resist the French advance, but was defeated and exiled to Martinique. Dahomey then became a French colony.


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For decades, since their independence from the Oyo empire in the 1820's the Dahomey had held sway over its neighbours. Frequently attacking & terrorising them, taking captives for slavery & even human sacrifice. Head hunting was also common ! Situated on a pestilent ridden strip of swamp jungle on West Africa's slave coast the black African state of Dahomey maintained a standing army of around 12,000 warriors, the most distinctive feature of which was the use of women (known as "Amazons" ) as the elite shock troops of the army. These superb figures sculptured by Mike Owen, represent faithfully one of the smallest yet most remarkable military organisations in colonial history & their redoubtable enemies the French Foreign legion who had the unenviable job of quelling the "Unleashed Demons"!

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