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Hi Trevor, 
The miniatures arrived today safe and well.They are fantastic.I am so very impressed with your samurai range.Both the cost and the quality are excellent and I look forward to buying many,many more.
Cheers Phil

I am thrilled to find Western miniatures of decent quality and low price.

Living Dice

Dixon's figures tend to be chunkily built with pretty clean moulding with minimal flash…

...the samurai range show good modelling of the characteristic Japanese lacquered armour with a lot of detail that can be picked out when painted.

Comment Deleted Blog  

Nice clean, crisp castings… The civie set includes a very neat Woman and Child casting.

Will go back and invest in the resistance fighters on bicycles. Worth a look folks.

View From The Pond.
Hey Trev order arrived today and I gotta say I'm impressed beyond words...mad preacher arrived looking different from the picture on your site, the way mine looks kinda reminds me of the reverend in hell on wheels so I'm double impressed...cheers Trev making another order soon....
All the best Hayden