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15mm Indian Mutiny
15mm Malburian
20mm WWII
28mm WWII
54mm and 75mm Miniatures
54mm and Larger Figures
American Civil War - All our ACW figures are a "large" 25mm scale.
American Civil War - Artillery-gun crews/Command personalities/Vignettes/Medical support and Terrain accessories - 28mm sclae
American Civil War - Battalion and Army Packs - 28mm scale
American Civil War - Cavalry - 28mm scale
American Civil War - Infantry - 28mm scale
American Revolution - All our AR figures are a "large" 25mm scale.
Army Deals
Battle Flag wild West buildings
Battlefield Accesories.
Collectors Figurines- Cast in Fine English Pewter
English Civil War - All our English Civil War figures are a large 25mm scale.
Flodden 1513 : The Army of Henry the Eighth - 28mm Scale
French Indian Wars
Gangsters - 28mm scale.
Generic Figures and Accessories
Gift ware
Grand Alliance Armies
Indian Mutiny - 25mm scale.
Marlboroughs Army - 25mm Scale.
Old West - All our old west figures are a large 25mm scale.
Ottoman Turks - 25mm scale.
Pirates - All our Pirate figures are a "large" 25mm scale.
Plains Wars - All our plains wars figures are 25mm scale.
Prussian Forces - Frederick The Great
Samurai and Legends of Nippon - 28mm scale
Street life 17th/18th century
SYW - All our 7 years war figures are a "large" 25mm scale.
The Dahomey Wars 1892 - 28mm scale.
The Great War 1914-18
The Napoleonic Wars - 25mm scale.
Vikings-28mm Scale.
War of Texan Independence - all our Alamo range is a "large" 25mm scale.
Yakuza - 28mm scale.